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Pulsar Echorec

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Echo from the past.... past... past..... past.

Pulsar Audio is a relatively new plugin developer that follows a recent trend in the industry where previously faceless programmers who had toiled in the plugin mines of giants like UAD, Slate, and Brainworx have branched out, creating their own small companies. Thankfully, Pulsar has followed in footsteps of like minded developers like the wunderkind behind Black Rooster Audio and Fuse Audio Labs…. That is to say, when Pulsar releases a new plugin, that shit’s gonna sound dope.

“when Pulsar releases a new plugin, that shit’s gonna sound dope.”

This is Pulsar Audio's first release and it is a doozy. The Binson Echorec 2 delay unit is a fabled piece of gear for all sorts of reasons... the spooky green eye glowing on the face-plate, the unique echo sounds that could cascade into dreamy reverb territory due to the unit's use of a disk and multiple magnetic heads rather than the tape of "normal" delays like the Echoplex type units. And of course, it doesn't hurt the unit's street cred that cats like Pink Floyd and Jimmy Page used the shit out of these babies in the 60's and 70s.

Here's the deal: Buy it. It's just a really well put together delay that you will find uses for in almost any mix. It can do all the normal sorts of sounds you'd expect from a tape delay; however, it does so much more and brings a truly unique sound that truly honors the original unit. The Drive knob is worth the price of admission alone and since you can disable the delay and just use the drive, it's a fantastic new dirt box for your collection, too.

Buy one get three

Not happy with just modeling one Echorec 2, Pulsar went ahead and modeled three distinct units for your pleasure that you can switch between using the Condition knob (Used, Good, Mint).

I'm fascinated with this delay and find myself using it more and more. I love it when used subtlety on vocals and just noodling on guitar through it inspires me just the way that playing through any great piece of time/space outboard inspires me to write music.



Free 30 day trial at

Mac/Windows VST/AU/AAX



WORD OF MOUTH: Good (Should be better)

PROS: Pulsar nailed it.


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