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  • Who are y'all and what do you do?
    BrothersBrim Studios is a collective of session musicians and singers, songwriters, lyrcists, and producers... oh, and three chickens, a Canada Goose and three dogs. We write music for artists, we make music for sync and we collaborate professionally on projects that need an organic and uniquely American and analog sound. After our escape from Los Angeles, the primary studio is now based in the fantasical wonderland of the Pacific Northwest; however, thanks to the interwebs, even though our team is spread out from Seattle, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York and Atlanta, when it comes time to work, we can fire up all this crazy tech and it's like we're playing togther in the pit. Big project or small, full band or maybe you just need a vocal or maybe a B3 or guitar part? We love to work and we always over-deliver. Our rates are flexible and we are genre agnostic...
  • Do you guys specialize in a particular sort of genre/vibe?
    We are genre agnostic when talking to new clients.... That being said, our "bag" is greasy, soulful and funky... gravel on the road, b-bendin' outlaw Malibu country... Shoutin' and cryin' low down, dirty rotten shame full of the blues... swingin' and kickin' the B3... sad, emotive singer/songwriter stuff and good ol' Southern Fried Rock... Basically, our specialty is real, fat, tasteful organic Americana. Can we do other stuff? Sure! We love stretching out. But we will be the first to tell you if we think that your project (your baby!) would be better served by another.
  • Rates/Scope/Terms/Splits/Business Stuff
    Our rates are very reasonable and we can work within most budgets. Reach out and let's have a chat about what you want and need. Generally: We are Sideman/Work For Hire Unless there's an agreement that includes Topline, Songwriting, Producer, etc, all of our work is buy-out and we get no residuals or backend... It's all yours! Invoicing/Payment will be processed through Paypal. All terms will be clearly memorlized in a contract. California AB 5 - Our business is based in Washington State and we handle payroll for the individual musicans involved in the project, whevever the may live/work. All work product belongs to you. While we do archive all project files locally and on a secure cloud, at the at the end of the project we will also deliver to you all of these files for you to archive as well. We don't require credits; however, we would appreciate an honest review!



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